Gluten Free Gluten Free Option (add $1)     spicy Hot & Spicy


w. White Rice or Brown Rice
Gluten Free83. Beef with Broccoli (Pt)6.75 (Qt)11.25
spicyGluten Free84. Kung Pao Beef w. Hot Pepper Sauce (Pt)6.75 (Qt)11.25
Gluten Free85. Pepper Steak (Pt)6.75 (Qt)11.25
spicyGluten Free86. Shredded Beef with Garlic Sauce (Pt)6.75 (Qt)11.25
Gluten Free87. Sliced Beef with Black Bean Sauce (Pt)6.75 (Qt)11.25
spicyGluten Free88. Hunan Beef (Pt)6.75 (Qt)11.25
Gluten Free89. Moo Shu Beef (with 4 Pancakes) 11.25
Gluten Free90. Sliced Beef with Oyster Sauce 11.25
Gluten Free91. Sliced Beef with Snow Peas 11.25
spicyGluten Free92. Beef with Spicy Tea Sauce 11.25
Gluten Free93. Sliced Beef with Mixed Vegetable 11.25